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Can a non-subject matter expert help a subject-matter expert innovate?

Our team does exactly that! How? We show you how to innovate faster by applying the fundamental rule of The Theory of Effective Innovation (TEI): Conduct your research and development effort so as to increase the credibility of your estimate of cost to complete and time to finish.

Strange as it sounds -- this is your key to effective innovation!

Background: After being trained, and innovating in large organizations (NASA, Exxon, The Pentagon), Gideon Samid, a nuclear engineer, a chemical engineer, and a computer scientist, has dedicated himself to his emerging realization that the practice of innovation has some invariants that apply regardless of what is being innovated. Gideon then strived to identify these invariants, codify them, and formulate an innovation practice guideline, to accelerate the innovation process. "The Theory of Effective Innovation" is credited with accelerating important innovation programs.

D&G Sciences offers workshops, helps setting up an innovation framework, and in rare cases we take on innovation assignments per se.

Gideon will be happy to talk with any one curious about the unique services of this engineering boutique. Contact him directly: +1 571 214 9814,